This section contains frequently asked questions about the JupyterHub deployment. For information on debugging Kubernetes, see Debugging.

I thought I had deleted my cloud resources, but they still show up. Why?#

You probably deleted the specific nodes, but not the Kubernetes cluster that was controlling those nodes. Kubernetes is designed to make sure that a specific set of resources is available at all times. This means that if you only delete the nodes, but not the Kubernetes instance, then it will detect the loss of computers and will create two new nodes to compensate.

How does billing for this work?#

JupyterHub isn’t handling any of the billing for your usage. That’s done through whatever cloud service you’re using. For considerations about managing cost with JupyterHub, see Appendix: Projecting deployment costs.

What version of JupyterHub is installed in the Helm Chart?#

Each Helm Chart is packaged with a specific version of JupyterHub (and other software as well). See see the Helm Chart repository for information about the versions of relevant software packages.